"OYGYLTN Exfoliator"

A potent beauty potion, from Evil Niecey's expansive apothecary, formulated to banish the stress associated with engaging with fuckboys and BANs. Use daily for a "Fuck that boy!" Glow that leaves a supernatural highlight only a kiss from God could deliver. Find out what's in this shit and how to get your claws on your next sample!

WTF Is In This Shit?


Of course, in this instance, shit is used figuratively ( we wanted to refrain from using "loosely" to avoid further association with actual fecal matter). But farther down the rabbit hole we go. NOW, back to these natural ingredients in Evil Niecey's "Orange You Glad: You Left That Nigga Exfoliator"! This magically delicious exfoliator combines the smoothing powers of coffee + sugar with conditioning oils and skin-loving vitamins.






We use a premium dark roast blend that has the strength of 12 alarm clocks. So after you drag your zombie butt from the crypt that is your bed, apply the exfoliator to give you new (new) life. Coffee has natural oils that moisturize skin and fight wrinkles. This is DEF a MOOD.
Skin Plumper

Inflammation Reducer


UV Force Field



It is a well-kept secret that oranges have the ability to produce these huge forcefields that protect you from damaging UV rays. Well…maybe not a forcefield but it does contain d-limonene, a compound that fights UV rays, cancer, and inflammation. Orange peel is packed with Vitamin C which aids in collagen synthesis, wound healing, and preventing wrinkles. It may be the secret ingredient in achieving the fountain of youth with its anti-aging and brightening capabilities.  


Germ Killer

Coco oil kicks ass—prospectively the asses of nasty viruses, fungi,and bacteria. Meet the grimreaper of dermatitis, acne, herpes, and bad vibes in general.



Redness Reducer

How To: Use This Shit 



conjured to banish scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and stress associated with BANs or fuckboys.

How Often? 

Daily. You can hit it in the am and the pm, baby. or take it slow.

1. Wet face.

5. Get ready for work, school, or whatever other globe saving mission you have planned for today! This will allow your skin to absorb and preserve "the sexy"---Alexa, play Feeling myself by nicki minaj.

2. Pour a small amount of OYGYLTN Exfoliator in your palm. Yes, small. For us product junkies this is unorthodox but you literally need less a teaspoon. Create paste in your palm by adding 2-3 drops of water or your fave oil (like jojoba or coco oil) .

3. Dab wet fingers in this orange coffee dream and scrub in circular motions all over your face (and neck!) for 5 mins.

6. Rinse. "I wash my sins off in the shower" is one of our favorite mantras to live by but no shower required in this case. Rinse all of those impurities and yummy coffee grounds down your sink's drain.

7. bet you didn't know that you'd just enjoyed the best sex of your entire life by just touching yourself--NO masturbation. All self-love, baby, and natural skincare.

4. Scrub a little longer for areas that need more TLC due acne, eczema, discoloration, and wrinkles.



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Use digital camera or smartphone to take close-up photos of cheeks, forehead, chin, nose, or any other areas that will be treated.

Take in well-lit area; Avoid shadowy places

Photos should be within close range to show pores, discoloration, and other area of concern.


When taking your after photos try to keep everything the same---like lighting and angles. Reference your “before” photo for guidance.


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