our story

Once upon a time...

 the Queen Mother issued a decree that for all of eternity the tiny princess was forbidden to paint her nails red. Her reason:

“Too sexy”. 

So, what did she do?

Immediately opted to have her pedicurist paint her toes the most brilliant Big City Candy Apple Red. DUH.

The Princess had fallen in love with the most alluring color in all of the land. 




It was even rumored to be one of the secret ingredients in Kelis’ magic milkshake. unbeknownst to her, it had given her superpowers. she forbade her pedicurist to speak about the indiscretion less the queen mother take everyone's flat irons away.

"It will be our little secret."

Presented by Evil Niecey + The Cool Clones

 A beauty bazaar for the fire starters, anti-social “it-girls”, #goldminds, and prima donna Rihannas.

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